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Renewable Energy

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of Solar, Wind, Hydro power systems for any application; both off-grid and grid-connected.

We use only world proven value for money products which equates to system reliability. A priority for any of our systems.

The companies long history in the field of off-grid systems is where we have built our reputation. We know inverters, batteries, and generators.

Grid connected systems are now becoming mainstream and are recommended if grid power is within viable reach. Solar, wind and hydro sources can be grid connected. Any exported units will gain you payment from your retail Power Co. No batteries or generator are required for these systems.

The latest development in grid connected systems is to be able to have your solar generation available to use in the event of a grid outage. These systems are now available and we can supply and install them.


Solar energy can be used to generate DC electricity with photovoltaic modules. This energy can be directly connected to solar water pumping equipment or via storage batteries to DC appliances and lighting. If an inverter is used, the stored electricity can power any 240V AC loads within acceptable wattages.

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Most of New Zealand's land area is exposed to more than adequate average wind speeds for good wind power generation.

We can measure your site's wind speeds, supply and install the latest in wind power technology. This intermittent supply is usually integrated with other generation methods such as photovoltaics.

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Micro-hydro is a proven cost effective renewable energy system. If you have access to a reliable flow of water, it should be an option you consider. The energy of running water is harnessed by a turbine and converted to electricity.

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