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Micro-hydro is a proven cost effective renewable energy system. If you have access to a reliable flow of water, it should be an option you consider. The energy of running water is harnessed by a turbine and converted to electricity.

The amount of energy you produce depends on water pressure (measured in terms of "head" or the vertical distance from the water take-off point down to the turbine), and volume, (measured as "flow" in litres per second.) Heads as low as 5 meters and flows of 1 litre per second will produce power. Low head systems require large water flows, and low flow systems require a high head.

Power Options NZ Ltd is a distributor and installer of PowerSpout micro-hydro units in the lower South Island of NZ. There is a range of these units available depending on achievable head and flow rates. We can advise on how to measure these factors or we can do a site analysis.